I took back my FSH (GonaF) injections back to the fertility clinic. They use the injection pens to train other women, or perhaps, given they’ve not been used and have been stored correctly, they will give them to someone who is struggling with the finances. I doubt it though, because the cost of IVF in Australia isn’t quite as exorbitant as other countries.

I also threw away all the literature from the clinic, and the drug baggies.

I took in the baby to say hello to the staff. I was acutely aware that this would be traumatising to other couples. They did take me into a consult room, but perhaps not quite quick enough. And the reception staff were gooing over him when at least one couple was there.

But what can you do? It is nice to go back to say thank you. Even if the best thing the doctor did was that she DIDN’T do IVF or any interventions really. All she did was test, discuss our options, and allow us to dither.

And dithering produced our baby.

I still feel so lucky.

A full time job in my field came up recently nearby (well sort of, an hour’s commute away). I contemplated it for a while, but not really seriously. In the end I didn’t even apply. And a great deal has to do with how long we’ve waited and how much we’ve wanted this child. I just can’t miss out on him.

I am so lucky.




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