Still waiting

I’m now at 40w2d. No real signs. A bit like the tww, I’m going to the toilet frequently (because I must) and inspecting toilet paper regularly, this time hoping for something! How times change!

I’m pretty uncomfortable (pelvis pain, getting around, lack of sleep/ tired) and it’s 40 degrees Celsius this weekend. So stuck inside. 

My partner has one more week of leave then im on my own with a 4.5 year old and a newborn. 

We have an induction booked for Monday night. Leaving it longer increases the risk of still birth and I’m not so wedded to a natural birth that I’d want to risk that.

Today though, my boobs hurt, so hopefully that means something.

Last time I felt period like cramping (very mild) and pain reduction in my fractured ribs, then diarrhoea, mucus plug and increasing cramping (contractions) and eventually waters breaking.

I did also get some acne a few days prior.

This time…. ?

It is such an amazing thing to be able to write like this. I hope hope hope for a positive outcome, not just for the birth of course, because then for the rest of my life I will worry, just a little, forever, about this child. 


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