Getting ready

Well, no one is reading this blog anymore, and I cannot say I blame people. Although this was started as an infertility blog, I fell pregnant before I had to have proper treatment, so I just went through all the diagnostics, which just diagnosed me as old (39). Then, I was pregnant. And the pregnancy proceeded as normal.

So it’s occurred to me that I was never infertile, I was just old. And that makes for fairly boring reading.

Anyway, no matter. I will read this, and perhaps that’s all that matters.

I’m really suffering in the heat now, at 38 weeks 6 days. It’s been hot (up to 40 on Christmas day), but mercifully is cooler now, although very humid.

Pregnancy symptoms include:

pelvic pain

swelling (feet and hands)

getting up about 4 times each night to wee

tired – so tired, needing to nap each day from mid morning, about 1-2 hours.

lots of Braxton Hicks

lots of dreams about birthing now.


bassinette is assembled

nappy change table is inside and wiped over and stocked

clothes are in drawers

capsule is in car (although not installed).

Birth classes attended (by me) and partner has read the chapters in the book I wanted him to read.

Still need:

a name!

my mum (arrives Thursday or Friday).

clean the pusher and remove the toddler seat in preparation of bassinette and capsule attachments.

a safe delivery.







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