Brixton Hicks and work

I’m now quite fat. I no longer fit into any of my old pants. I’m thoroughly into maternity wear. Given B is a winter baby I didn’t have much that suits, although it’s been mild so far, summers here are brutal. So I bought a bundle on line from Gumtree (think Craig’s list), which has been great. There also are some pieces from last time that are suitable. Last time I thought maternity wear ended when the baby came out so was very modest in acquisitions and borrowed a lot from friends. This time I’ve acquired and will give away or sell when I’m able to. I’m under no illusions this time, it took over 12 months to get back into normal clothes last time. 

It is very very nice to no longer be staring at the items in the vacuum packed bag at the top of my wardrobe thinking “when… no if… should I admit defeat and get rid of them?”. 

One thing that is sort of nice, and also sort of not nice, are the comments at work from people about my belly. I know I’ve got a way to go, I know it’s out there. I’m kind of pleased cause I’m pregnant but also self conscious. I’m only at that workplace two days a week so they don’t always see me each week so I guess it looks like I’m getting big really fast or something. Anyway, must remind myself how great it is to actually have a bump, instead of humming and looking away from other people with bumps.

Hopefully, after a period of frenetic activity trying to get some more work in before maternity leave, work will slow down. I’m getting quite big and ungainly now. I’m also starting back pain when sitting, which happened last time. What has not happened this time is an overwhelming craving for orange juice. Bodies are weird.

Finally I think I’m getting Braxton Hicks contractions. I didn’t notice them last time, well I didn’t recognise them. They feel like the whole baby or belly is slowly shifting, unlike a kick or punch, which is a sharp jab. I think last time I thought they were just the baby moving, but maybe I was wrong, and they are more likely braxton hicks.

I also managed to get a capsule, pram adaptor, change table and baby bath second hand on gumtree. So I think this completes “the gear” we were missing. Just missing a baby now! 

Anyway that’s news. Still working. Going well but getting bigger and more ungainly. 

I’m 31 weeks tomorrow! 


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