Well, there’s not much to tell at the moment really.

We’ve had a visit from the in laws which didn’t go particularly well. Lack of communication really. But you can’t make people communicate can you? They don’t want to be the type of grandparents we’d like them to be, so there’s a level of mourning there.

My partner and I are for fighting quite a bit, sadly. We’ve tried to improve communication but, again, we need to communicate to do that. Mostly it happens when we are tired and the last week has been very full on. We’ve been trying to sort out an investment and there’s been lots of stress getting that done. My partner has also worked an extra day which is never good. And I’ve been very involved in an on- line course that has involved lots of late nights. I’m also 29 weeks now, so struggling to do things around the house. So I need more help there, which is compounding things. Some things I just can’t do, so I ask my partner to do them, and he doesn’t, so then I get frustrated and he feels he can’t do anything right.

So we need to have more meetings where we talk through this stuff, but that involves being awake enough in the evening to do so. Frustrating.

Oh and the screen thing. Due to behavioural issues with the four year old we’ve been restricting screens. Which has been working really well. But, my partner keeps wanting to cheat and give him more screens. This won’t help the problem and I’m frustrated that he won’t stick to the agreement.

Yeah, so usual relationship stuff. I thought this would improve once pregnant. At least we aren’t having to deal with the stress of tcc and ivf on top of all this.

I start a new part-time job this coming week until I cannot do it anymore. Dec? Which I’m a bit stressed about. I should have said no, but I’m aware I can’t earn on maternity leave (unlike last time when I had no paid leave), so I’m trying to make contacts and get a bit of extra work done before I simply can’t.

My other part time job is also quite stressful at the moment. 

Anyway, I’d just like to catch a break but I’m struggling to do so.

Pregnancy all is going well though! Hurrah! And even with all this stress it’s much better than last year.

Did glucose test last week and passed. Measuring all ok. See obstetrician again in 4 weeks.


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