Scan day

My sister coined it “scanxiety”. She’s been through a lot, losing a child last year to cancer. So she’s well aware of scanxiety.

I’ve had scanxiety for quite a few weeks now. But today was the day..

I did manage to sleep ok last night, although I woke early. We packed off the three year old to childcare, an extra day.

Then we went for a fairly vigorous walk with some hill climbing. This took my mind off things nicely. It’s hard to talk or think much when you are climbing hills.

Then we had to head into the office. Parking for once was a problem, but we made it just on time, fortunately as we’d left early.

My specialist didn’t keep us waiting which was excellent.

As soon as she inserted the probe, this is what came up on the screen.


Yup, there’s a baby in there. It’s measuring right on time. The heart is going, and we even saw foetal movements.

The specialist was very pleased, but I was crying.

It’s been a very long time getting to this point.

Still not out of the woods. This anxiety is going to continue for some time. I immediately started calamitising about the next hurdle (genetic testing for Down’s syndrome).

But, we’ve crossed two very major hurdles so far, 1/ getting pregnant at 39 .5 years, and 2/ having a viable foetus at 8 weeks.

So on that note, I spent the rest of the day asleep.




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