So there’s a bit of a plague of hoarding in my family. When my father died suddenly, there was forty years of hoarding to deal with. I kid you not. I found the potty I toilet trained on, my old pusher, bags that had been put out for charity (but dad had rescued and hidden from my mum)… I digress.

Anyway, I’ve got quite a lot of baby stuff now. Mostly sorted out, fairly carefully.. you know.. smallest 000-00, 0, 1, 2 etc. There’s now boxes of baby toys, and baby books, as my 3 year old gradually works his way into more suitable sizes and toys, the rest has to move on out.

But it doesn’t move on out, it moves into a waiting space. The same waiting space I’m in.

I’ve got a crib, and a cot, a bouncer, a breast pump, a jolly jumper, two high chairs. There’s baby gates, and a play pen, and on and on and on.

So what to do with all this stuff? Dad hoarded our baby stuff, partly because he hoarded everything, but also because he thought he’d start again, with another family, so he might “need it”.

But what should I do with this baby stuff? It’s starting to take up serious room. And, well, I guess we can keep living with it in storage in the car port, but it does make it difficult to declutter. And when you are kind of reminded of not falling pregnant all the time, all the baby stuff “just in case” is also a continual reminder.

In fact I wanted to list and sell the crib a few months ago, but my partner convinced me not to, instead he dismantled it so it wasn’t always in the way in the car port. But now we’ve finally dismantled the cot as well, so that is now taking up space.

I’ve rehomed some of the large baby toys already. They were second hand already, and taking up way too much space. If I’m lucky enough to “do it again” then I guess I will borrow these sort of things from the toy library rather than buy them, even second hand, as they do take up so much space.

There’s also the fact that starting to get rid of the stuff makes me feel (magical thinking) that maybe then I will fall pregnant, cause, you know, that’s how you fall pregnant (cue sad cynical laugh). And, well to be honest, it might be less of a wrench if I’m slowly getting rid of this stuff, rather than have to get rid of it all in one foul swoop when we’ve finally given up. Maybe it’s easier to get rid of it whilst I still have some hope? And then reacquire what I need? The second hand market is awash with baby stuff so it shouldn’t cost too much to replace stuff right (but.. I’ll be pregnant any minute right… right??).

What do you think?





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